Personalized Buck Knives for Inland Power's Dedicated Linemen

In a display of heartfelt appreciation, Spokane Gifts was commissioned by Inland Power to create personalized Buck Knives for each of their dedicated linemen. Fifty-one knives, each engraved with the company name and the individual lineman's name, were handed over as tokens of gratitude on Lineman Appreciation Day.

Personalized Knives for Employee Appreciation Gifts

Our challenge was the project's tight timeline. With less than a week to engrave a different name on each of the 51 Buck Knives, we leaned into our expert skills and utilized our industrial machines. By creating a custom jig for consistent alignment, we managed to deliver on time without compromising on quality or detail.

These aren't just any knives; they are Buck Knives, made locally in Post Falls, Idaho. At Spokane Gifts, we have the capabilities to engrave not only on the blades of Buck Knives but also on some handles. Besides Buck Knives, we can engrave other brands of knives as well, making this a versatile option for personalized gifts.

Inland Power was delighted with the final result, testament to our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. This project underscores the importance of showing appreciation to employees, and how personalized gifts can add a special touch to these moments.

Our ability to engrave knives showcases our range in creating personalized employee appreciation gifts. This project with Inland Power emphasizes the value of investing in quality, locally-made, and personalized gifts to express gratitude and recognition to hardworking individuals.

Looking to express your appreciation with a unique and personal touch? Let Spokane Gifts help you make that impact. Don't hesitate to reach out to us. Let's transform your appreciation into a tangible keepsake.


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