Our Story

Meet Dillon & Jessica

We first met during middle school, and began dating in high school. Over 8 years later, we have been to Washington State University together and have acquired a herd of two dogs and two cats that we love incredibly.

Our personal dream is to be financially secure enough to work from home and have enough property for both of our mother's to be able to live with us in their own tiny homes.

Through the years, our hobbies of woodworking, arts & crafts, digital designing and interior decorating have naturally blended together, thus Spokane Gifts was created in 2021.

Our Vision

We want to help our community through creation.

We pledge to donate 10% of our sales to fund our vision and we plan to use the equipment & skills we own to benefit those who are struggling and trying to get to a better place.

We plan to host local workshops & teach our skills such as tie-dye techniques, woodworking and jewelry creation in aspiration to create a skillset that can generate income and value for those in shelters.

We will provide the necessary supplies & materials and reserve an area in our gift shop for items created by those struggling to get out of shelters. 100% of sales from these items will be distributed back to the creator.

Our ambitious goal is to run a non-profit that continues our vision on a larger scale.

Why We Care

It is easy to look at someone on the street and say that they got there through their own actions and mistakes. It is easy to generalize most homeless people as drug addicts, especially for those who have never struggled with housing stability.

We do not believe that everyone who is homeless is a drug addict. Although many are, we care about those who are trying to get to a better place. We know there are children & families, folks with mental disorders, veterans with PTSD, and individuals that missed out on essential life skills.

Most people feel a smilar compassion for folks who are struggling, but aren't sure of ways to help. Donating money seems useless as it disappears quickly, and a pair of socks can only help so much.

We know there are other people out there like us who want to help struggling folks out, without feeling like money is wasted.

Our realization was that we could teach some of our skills to folks struggling and subsequently provide a sales outlet for items created using our newly taught skills. We will return all proceeds to the original creators.

We know that if we work hard, we will find others who want to help us. Ultimately we will create a self-sustaining network of resources that eventually help childens, families, & others get into a stable environment and an income to rely on.