Memorial Gift Engraving Ideas

When choosing a message to engrave on a memorial piece, it's important to consider what will be most meaningful and comforting for the person receiving the gift. Here are a few ideas for messages you could consider:

  1. A special quote or poem: You could choose a quote or poem that has particular meaning to your friend or their infant. This could be a quote about love, loss, or hope, or it could be a poem that speaks to your friend's experience.

  2. A personal message: You could write a personal message to your friend or their infant, expressing your love and support. This could be a message of condolence or a message of hope for the future.

  3. A message of celebration: Even though your friend's infant has passed away, you could choose a message that celebrates their life and the time they spent together. This could be a message of love, gratitude, or appreciation.

  4. A message of hope: You could choose a message that offers hope and comfort to your friend during this difficult time. This could be a message about the continuity of love or the promise of reunion in the future.


 "Your light shines on, even in the darkness."
"A life too short, but a love that lasts forever."
"Our little angel, forever in our hearts."
"Your time on earth was brief, but your impact was eternal."
"Your life may have been short, but your love will always be remembered."

Additional Ideas

  1. Add a special quote or message: Consider adding a quote or message that has particular meaning to your friend or their infant. We could engrave the quote on the wooden base or include it on a separate plaque or card.

  2. Incorporate a special symbol: We can incorporate a symbol that has special meaning to your friend or their infant, such as a heart or a star. This could be engraved or cut out of the wooden base or added as a separate element.

  3. Use a special color: We can add a splash of color to the piece by using a different material, such as acrylic or leather, or by incorporating a colored element, such as a ribbon or a gemstone.

  4. Add a personal touch: Consider adding a personal touch to the piece, such as a special photograph or hand-drawn handwriting engraved into the piece.

  5. Create a multi-layered design: We could create a multi-layered design by stacking different elements on top of each other or by adding depth to the piece through the use of different materials.


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