Laundry Care With A Twist

A large focus of our business is to be able to help our community. We plan to use the skills we've acquired to find scalable and viable ways to help our community. 


Help our local homeless community by utilizing portable washing machines to wash bacteria, germs, and dirty from clothing.

In addition, we'd like to help hide stains on clothing by using professional quality dye that will permanently blend and hide stains into the fabric.

General Idea.
We will park a van/truck at a local church, business, or public space. A water tank, generator, and portable washing machines will be utilized to help wash as much clothing as possible while volunteers help cover stains using our portable tie-dye station.

What We Are Doing Now.
We have raised over $650 to purchase multiple portable washing machines. A portion of all sales is now being raised to acquire a 275 gallon IBC tote for portable washing (June 2021).

What We Will Do Later.
We'd like to connect with other individuals that are also interested in helping the community. Having clean clothing can only help so much.  Our goal is to find other individuals that want to help create a system that will develop over time and is self-sustained through sales and donations. This system will be used to empower those who are struggling and give basic resources that are often overlooked.  

Why are clean clothes important for the homeless?

Visualization of bacteria on dirty clothes.

Germs and bacteria stay on clothing until they are washed. In addition, many of the homeless community is active, walking around to various resources. This activity, especially in the warmer months, leads to even increased possibilities for bacteria to breed in dirty clothing. Washing the dirty clothing removes the bacteria build up.

In addition, the clothes we wear have been proven to have affects on our moods, behaviours, and have an impact on how successful we may become. It is no different for those who are homeless. Repeatly wearing dirty clothes not only has sanitary concerns but can also cause pshychiological pain from feelings embarassment, disgust, and depression. 

Our Goal For The Future

Before and after photos show how much a quick haircut can make a difference.

We want to make a change in people's lifes. It starts with the basics - not wearing dirty clothing and maybe a cut and shave if needed. The groundwork has been done. Not everyone on the streets can be helped, nor does everyone want help, but that doesn't speak for the entire homeless community. For those that truly want help, our goal is to be able to provide skills and resources to help create structure for those struggling with the lack thereof.

We plan to connect with local businesses to find viable, specific job roles that would be compatible with the individuals that we seek to help. As a business ourselves, we will hire and employ as many of these struggling people as we can. 

Want to Help?

We would love to receive help to make our goal happen. There are many ways you could help depending on how involved you would like to be. 

Volunteer your time -
We will need assistance to set up and operate the mobile laundry areas. Preparing the stained clothing to be dyed, operating the portable washing machines, and interacting with the individuals we are helping.

Shop with us - A portion of any products we sell will be raised to help fund these projects. By shopping online or at our store, you pay no extra to help be a part of our effort.

Donate - 100% of all donations will be spent to make our plan happen. Proceeds are directly spent on making changes in peoples lifes, not a dime goes into our pockets. We donate our time for free because we care and are passionate about our goals. To make a donation, please contact us directly

Author : Dillon Dechenne