Hand-Written Recipe Card Engraved On Maple Paddle Cutting Board
Hand-Written Recipe Card Engraved On Maple Paddle Cutting Board
Hand-Written Recipe Card Engraved On Maple Paddle Cutting Board

Hand-Written Recipe Card Engraved On Maple Paddle Cutting Board


At Spokane Gifts, we understand the power of cherished family recipes. They're more than just instructions for a meal; they're a piece of your heritage, a connection to generations before you. Our Hand-Written Recipe Card Personalization allows you to immortalize these treasured recipes on our exquisite Maple Paddle Cutting Board.


Why You Should Preserve Hand-Written Recipe Cards With Our Process


  • Keep Tradition Alive: Those age-old, worn-down recipe cards are more than just instructions; they hold the memories of countless family gatherings and shared meals. With our Hand-Written Recipe Card Personalization, we honor the tradition by digitally tracing the original handwriting and engraving it permanently onto our premium maple cutting board.
  • Gifts of Love: Imagine gifting a loved one the taste of nostalgia. A recipe from Grandma, Mom's famous cookies, or that special dish only your family makes – these recipes carry the essence of home. When engraved on our cutting board, they become a daily reminder of love and togetherness.
  • Functional Art: Your customized cutting board isn't just a kitchen tool; it's a work of art. It's a functional piece that becomes a centerpiece, a conversation starter, and a symbol of culinary creativity.

How It Works:

  1. Send Us Your Recipe Card: Simply provide us with a clear photo of your cherished, handwritten recipe card. It doesn't matter if it's worn, stained, or crinkled – our digital tracing technology works its magic.
  2. Precision Digital Tracing: Our skilled artisans meticulously trace the handwriting from your recipe card, capturing every nuance and detail. 
  3. Engraved Perfection: The digitally traced handwriting is engraved onto our Maple Paddle Cutting Board with the utmost precision. The result is a lasting tribute to the original, preserving the authenticity of your family's culinary heritage.

A Gift for Every Occasion:

  • Family Heirloom: Create a treasured family heirloom by preserving recipes that have been passed down for generations.
  • Anniversary or Wedding Gift: Celebrate love with a personalized touch, whether it's a beloved family recipe or one that represents a couple's unique journey.
  • Housewarming Gift: Give the gift of warmth and nostalgia to those starting a new chapter in their lives.
  • Gift for Food Enthusiasts: Delight the food lovers in your life with a unique and meaningful gift.
  • Memorial Gift: Honor the memory of a loved one by preserving their favorite recipes for future generations.

Key Features:

  • Material: Crafted from strong and durable maple wood, our cutting board serves as a lasting tribute to your family's culinary traditions. The high-quality wood ensures it won't dull your knives.
  • Size: Measuring 7" x 13.5",  this cutting board offers ample space to showcase your favorite recipes, all while boasting an elegant elongated paddle shape that adds a touch of sophistication to any kitchen.
  • Hanging Hole: For both practicality and decor, our cutting board comes with a hanging hole at the top. This feature allows you to display your personalized board proudly, making it a functional work of art that adds character to your kitchen.

Please Note: All personalization and customization options will be handled after your purchase. Our team will reach out to you directly to collect the necessary details. If you have any questions or want to discuss personalization details before or after your purchase, feel free to contact us.

Create a gift that transcends time and generations with our Hand-Written Recipe Card Personalization. Preserve the flavors of your heritage, one engraved cutting board at a time.

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