Copy of Positivity Pencils - &

Copy of Positivity Pencils - 'Extra' Package (24 Laser Engraved Pencils)


Our positivity pencils are laser engraved to remind your student(s) to stay positive throughout their day. Non-toxic and safe for students! Laser engraved pencils can be personalized to your student's name, teacher's name, among other things. We can customize the text to include any special sayings your student(s) loves. 

'Extra' Package Includes:

-24 Laser engraved Positivity Pencils.

-Local pickup 7 days a week.

-Free Customization: Choose what we laser engrave onto the pencils.


Want a better deal? We have other packages with 12 & 24 pencils with a discounted rate. Looking for a bulk amount for your classroom, fundraiser, or other purpose? Contact us today!

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